BLING! The page you are reading is about the lovable and caring Azure Team. Their Leader uses the final level of magic. Their Co. Leader could shape-shift to eat you!!! While 2nd Co. Leader can blow homing spikes.
 ??? Team
Leader Stella Cactewy
Members Penny Fitzgerald
Debut The Girlfriend
Main Power Magic

Relation with other teamEdit

Dream TeamEdit

Their Leader seems to have a secret crush on Dream Team's Leader. Their Co. Leader also have a secret crush on Dream Team's Co. Leader. Teslo seems to hate Carmen as she bumped on him and end up brought to the hospital. Carmen has a secret crush on Flain.


All of the members hate Antasma. The rest is unknown.


  • Their Leader has a crush on another leader while their Co. Leader also has a crush on another Co. Leader.
  • Penny is the worst magician in this team.

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