ZZZZzzz.... The page you read is about the Dream Team. Their Leader could control dreams, even it's own. Their Co. Leader could scratch and cut the whole moon. Their 2nd Co. Leader could zap them to sleep. All of the 3 is a Jedi Master.
BLING! The page you are reading is about the lovable and caring Azure Team. Their Leader uses the final level of magic. Their Co. Leader could shape-shift to eat you!!! While 2nd Co. Leader can blow homing spikes.
Everybody has been Nixed!
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 09:41, December 22, 2014 (UTC)
Written by Cattails are the best!
Directed by Cattails are the best!
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Major Nixel and Antasma is thinking how to take over Explore Inc. while Dr. Zomboss is researching. While Pikachi is eating the Apples from the fruit stock, Stella noticed him and blamed him as she gonna tell Jason and Larry. When Pikachi said he's hungry, Penny came and said that he should pluck the Apples from Apple Trees not far from there. The clip shows back when Major Nixel saw a Nixel blooded and the blood fall on the floor and nix the tile. When Antasma gets and idea, it shows Major Nixel is bringing a chainsaw and the whole screen shows "Censored for some reasons" which means Major Nixel killed a pile of Nixels to get their blood. When Pikachi is arguing with Stella, they suddenly saw Kraw is nixed. As Gobba asks where Kraw is, they pointed the nixed Kraw. This makes Pikachi summons the Dream Team to help their friends.
   When Stella decided to tell Jason anyway, Flurr appears and tell them Jason is nixed too. When suddenly they saw Kraw drinking a potion, he turns normal. Pikachi gets an idea from it and take the recipe for the potion to fling them in Choco Balls and turn them normal.
   After all the battle, Antasma came and bring a big hands (like Krader) and kidnapped Penny and flees. Then Gumball says he can do it himself. When he reached Dr. Zomboss' Lab, Major Nixel tried to nix Gumball but nixed a Nixel instead and vanishes the Nixel. When Flain saw this, he planned to use the Nix Liquid at Major Nixel. The movie ends with Major Nixel being chased by Dream Team.

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