This is the list of characters.

Name Age Dreamscreption Species Relatives Trivia
Pikachi Windlow 10 He's not the boss. He's not the leader. But he's the main protagonist. Pikachu Raichi Windlow (father), Olivia Windlow (mother) He is named after the Jim Windlow.
Raichi Windlow 30 He's no other than Pikachi's father. Raichu Pikachi Windlow (son), Olivia Windlow (wife) It's name is a pun of Raichu.
Olivia Windlow 29 Pikachi's mother is no other than her. Raichu Pikachi Windlow (son), Raichi Windlow (husband) She likes to hit others by spatula.
Stella Cactewy 10 Pikachi's (girl)friend is a really, really, hyper-activated. Maril (shell) William Cactewy (father), Mrs. Cactewy (mother) Her family name Snowy.
Flain 10 One of Pikachi's best friend is Flain, the super-activated dude. Mixel Unknown He can produce or absorb Ginger from his head.
Krader 10 Pikachi's best friend too. He's the tough one. Mixel Unknown His hands can be used to drill.
Teslo 10 Pikachi's 1st friend is a un/-hyper-activated lightning. Mixel Unknown Teslo's tail is the 2nd best electric producer, the 1st is Pikachi's hands.
Flurr 10 Pikachi's best friend and the smart one. Mixel Unknown He can freeze himself using frozen bite.
Gobba 10 Pikachi's best friend and a big eater. Mixel Unknown He defeated others' appetite on the "World's Food Fest".
Kraw 10 Pikachi's friend is a bouncer and bounces everyday. Mixel Unknown He is shining for day and glowing for night.
Magnifo 10 Pikachi's best friend is a cheesy one. Mixel Unknown His wands are made of cubit.
Scorpi 10 Pikachi's best friend is the cute one. Mixel Unknown His eyes can be launched and grew back.
Glomp 10 Pikachi's best friend is a gooey one. Mixel Unknown His slimes can become rockets.
Gumball Watterson 10 Suprise Gumball becomes 10 years old huh? This is a dreamworld! Cat Unknown His claws once destroyed Gobba's teeth into pieces.
Antasma ??? He's the 1st main antagonist. Bat/Nightmare Unknown The Antasmunchies can be eaten by Gobba.
Jim Windlow 10 A Plantmon trainer that never surrenders. Human Unknown He is the first human character to appear.
Penny Fitzgerald 10 As you know, she used what she used to be. Shape-shifting fairy Unknown Her shell is already broken.
Major Nixel 50 Major Nixel rules Nixels. Nixel Unknown He has a gun, and the ammo is cupcakes.
Bowser 32 Bowser rules Koopas. Koopa Unknown Like Major Nixel, he can kicks his minion far away.
Cockroaches 15-11-13 Destroyer of homes. Cockroach(s) Each other (Brothers) Dee Dee is the youngest antagonist overall.
Dr. Zomboss 29462719371E Dr. Zomboss rules Zombies Zombie Unknown His age is random, but usually have "E" at the end such as 172628475E or 17363826377E. It's because the counter gone error.
Carmen 10 Another magic happened. Cactus Unknown Most time peoples call her "him".


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