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Pikachi Windlow
Vital statistics
Position Main Protagonist, Leader, Explorer
Species Pikachu
Age 10
Nickname(s) P (Gumball Watterson (sometimes))
"Sweet"heart (Stella Cactewy later)
Status Exploring
Physical attributes
Height 2 feet
Weight 12kg

This is Pikachi


Early ConceptEdit

Pikachi is just a blue pikachu, but was cancelled.

Final DesignEdit

He is now a normal pikachu, but later he has the explorer badge, a backpack and a cap.

Known MovesEdit

  • Thunder Jolt
  • Tail Slap
  • Tera-volt (In progress of learning.).


  • Pikachi is named after the nickname of him and Jim.
    • Jim is also an upcoming character.
  • Pikachi is the first main protagonist to have a family name, the second is Gumball Watterson.