The Fire
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 14:34, December 18, 2014 (UTC)
Written by Cattails are the best!
Directed by Cattails are the best!
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ZZZZzzz.... The page you read is about the Dream Team. Their Leader could control dreams, even it's own. Their Co. Leader could scratch and cut the whole moon. Their 2nd Co. Leader could zap them to sleep. All of the 3 is a Jedi Master.


Pikachi and friends accidently burnt because of Flain. Now, they need to stop his tantrum.


When Pikachi and friends is walking at the Star Plateaus, they have been burnt by Flain's head. Then, Pikachi tries to throw a bucket of salt water at Flain and made it worse. When Teslo used his tail to energize Flain, it burns him instead. When Gumball throws a Water Bomb, it explodes the plateau instead. But it completes their mission. Flain then joined them through their adventure.

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Characters (In order of appearance)Edit


  • Flain actually angry, not having tantrum.